Workforce Statistics

Current Unemployment Information

DeKalb County
 Civilian Labor Force  2,293,627 31,244
 Employment  2,234,669 30,466
 Unemployment       58,958      778
DeKalb's Labor Pool      6,373
 Unemplyment Rate        2.6%     2.5%
Source: Alabama Department of Labor- Seasonally Adjusted. Available Labor Pool equals Underemployed plus Unemployed.
These Statistics are updated frequently. Last updated: August 2022

 2020 Unemployment Information


Source: Alabama Department of Labor (Seasonally Adjusted)

10-Year Unemployment Information

10 yrUnGraph

Source: Alabama Department of Labor (Seasonally Adjusted). Annual Average rates.

Current Underemployment Information

  DeKalb County
North AL
 Underemployed Workers  5,682  102,261
 Underemployment Rate 2020  19.2%  19.7%
More detailed information about our regional labor availability can be found 
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Current Labor Force Information in Surrounding counties

 County Civilian Labor Force
Unemployment Rate
 Jackson      22,611         565 2.5%
Cherokee      11,477         262  2.3%
Marshall      44,430      983  2.2%
Etowah       39,261      175  2.7%
Dade (GA)         8,102        196  2.4%
Walker (GA)       31,315         913  2.9%
Chattooga (GA)         9,668         450 4.7%
Georgia  5,161,098  231,990 4.5%
Source: Alabama Department of Labor (Seasonally Adjusted); Georgia Department of Labor (Seasonaly Adjusted). These statistics are updated frequently.
Last updated: April 2021

Union Representation

This area is primarily a non-union pro-business community. Alabama is a “Right to Work” State.
Since 1970 there have only been three certification votes in the County and all three were defeated.


Commuting Patterns


Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, OnTheMap Application and


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